Posting Skins Guidelines

Last updated atJuly 23, 2023
  • 1.1.Please do not post skins that have already been published before.
  • 1.2.Refrain from submitting skins that lack coherence, purpose, or do not make sense.
  • 2.1.Please respect the privacy of others and refrain from posting private skins.
  • 2.2.Do not post skins that infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of others.
  • 2.3.If your skin is based on someone else's work or uses assets from other creators, please credit them in your post.
  • 3.1.English should be used as the primary language for your posts.
  • 3.2.If the title of your skin is in another language, please include an romanized version of the title alongside it.
  • 3.3.Please refrain from using offensive words or slurs in your posts.
  • 3.4.Please do not post skins that are religiously or politically offensive.
  • 3.5.Please mark your posts as NSFW if they contain any inappropriate content.
  • 3.6.Please make sure that the screenshots provided are relevant to the skin you are posting.
  • 3.7.Avoid submitting skins that heavily rely on or reuse existing assets without substantial modifications.
  • 3.8.If your skin is a slighly modified version of another skin, please post it as an alternate version instead of publishing a new skin.
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